A Spectacular Failure // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A “rookie” in the banking business scheduled a meeting with the very successful bank president.

“How did you become such an outstanding success?” the young man asked.

“Good decisions”, the older man replied.

“How do you make good decisions?”

“Experience.” the older gentleman answered.

“But how do you get experience?”

The banker smiled and then responded, “Bad decisions!”

If you make a mistake or “bad decision”, that’s not so bad!

The only people who have succeeded in life are those brave folks who dared to risk failure.

Failing is no failure!

You only fail if you fail to learn something from your experiences!

1831 — He failed in business.
1832 — He was defeated for legislature.
1833 — He again failed in business
1834 — He was elected to the legislature
1835 — His fiancée died
1838 — He was defeated for Speaker of the House
1840 — He was defeated for Elector.
1850 — A son died 1855 — He was defeated for the Senate.
1856 — He was defeated for Vice President.
1858 — He was defeated for the Senate.
1860 — This man, Abraham Lincoln, was elected President of the United States.

Not bad for such a spectacular failure!

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