Dealing with Silly Ideas // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Every splendid idea — first proposed — seems silly.

“Why would anybody want to do THAT?”

Horseless carriages, space shuttles, blow-dryers, telephones, personal home computers, jets, microwaves, q-tips, and the internet were all once crazy hair-brained idea schemes in somebody’s mind.

I can guarantee you, the crowds didn’t understand it:

“We’ve never done it that way before!”
“You’ve got to be kidding! That’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard!”
“Who, in their right mind, would go for something like that?”

The crowds laughed, while the creative genius pondered.

I can’t help but wonder how many world class ideas have been squelched by scorn before the budding of the first leaf.

Now, I’m not advocating the promotion of stupidity — Heaven knows, there’s already enough of that in this world.

I’ve heard, in some brain-storming session that there’s no such thing as a stupid idea. But that’s not true. There are MANY stupid ideas! To say otherwise is to deny reality. As the old bard said, “Wisdom has its limits, but stupidity knows no bounds!”

Ah, but the seeds of greatness blossom only in the silly idea patch.

If you are an idea person, over half of your ideas will be crummy. That’s just a fact — but it’s nothing to fret about. Keep planting those idea seeds in the soil of your imagination. You can separate the wheat from the tares later on. Maybe, just maybe the craziest idea will sprout into something spectacular!

If someone around you comes up with a loony suggestion, don’t roll your eyes and rush to judgment. Don’t say it won’t work! Don’t throw cold water without giving it a fair hearing.

That crazy idea might be better than you first imagine.

Instead of poo-pooing it, think about it from five directions. Ponder it forwards, backwards, from the top, upside down, and inside out.

Remember this: You must consider the ridiculous to experience the sublime.

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