Hurting People Hurt People // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

“You are a stupid idiot! Who taught you how to park?”
It was pencil scrawled love letter, tucked beneath my windshield wiper.
Sheepishly, I looked around the parking lot as I finished the note from “Mr. Anonymous”
O.K. — I admit, my GMC had crossed over into the parking space next door. Still, I did it because the guy next to me was double parked as well. It was the only way I could fit in.
And now, the poisoned pencil strikes.
“Stupid Idiot?” Me? It wasn’t my fault! How dare he?” I began to fume.
“What kind of stupid idiot would write an anonymous letter calling me a stupid idiot?”
Then it dawned on me — something I heard my friend, Pam Peterson, say a long time ago: “Hurting people hurt people.”
It must be a seething, boiling, cauldron of pain that erupts in a nasty note like this.
A certain melancholy shadowed my heart, as I pondered what kind of difficulties and struggles my “stupid idiot” friend must be enduring. “He’s just lashing out,” I told myself, “He doesn’t really mean it.”
Then, I pictured what I supposed he really meant when he wrote that nasty letter to me.
Instead of “stupid idiot”, he meant to write, “Help! Help! I’m hurting really bad on the inside, and I don’t know how to deal with it. Please pray for me!”
I’m sure that’s what he meant — but it just came out a different way!
So — I prayed for him, and drove away whistling merrily.

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