Relatives in Britain // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

I’ve recently returned from a six week sabbatical, which included a stint in Great Britain.

A friend recently asked, “Did you see any relatives over there?”

To this, I replied, “Yes! Millions of them!”

And that’s the truth! Everybody is related to everybody. Together, we are all members of the human family — all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve.

To put it another way, we’re all US! There’s no such thing as “us” and “them”. Everybody is a part of the “us”!

Wouldn’t it be great if every human being viewed all the others as “us” instead of “them”.

What if Israeli’s and Palestinians thought of each other as members of the same family?

What if all Americans laid aside their prejudice against people of other racial groups, and embraced each other?

(I recently filled out an end of the year report form for our congregation. One question asked, “What is the predominant racial make-up of your congregation?” My answer, “Human.”)

What would happen if we began to build bridges of unity rather than walls of separation?

What if we all began to think of “us together” instead of “us” against “them”?

Wars would cease.
World hunger would be eliminated.
Senseless violence would be vanquished.
Turmoil and strife would end.

I realize that’s wishful thinking: heavenly thinking. The Good Book reminds us that there will continue to be “wars and rumors of wars upon this earth — and the poor we will always have with us.”
Yet, I cannot help but wonder what difference it would make, if we began to seriously follow the path of love and light candles in the darkness.

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