Roadmaps Available // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Does it seem that traveling through life is a rougher road than necessary?

Consider this:

Imagine that every road, every bridge, every path was cut east to west.

What would happen with a guy who tries to go south?

He has to climb fences, straddle ditches, wade rivers and struggle through the brambles.

All along, he mutters and complains, “Why is the going so difficult? There’s got to be a better way than this!”

He’s having a rough time of it because he isn’t traveling on the road that is cut and paved.

Now, even going on the paved road is rough business. Life is difficult. There are pot-holes and ice patches all along the way.

Every life carries its own pain, difficulty, burden and sorrow.

Yet, I cannot describe how much easier it is to travel on the road than to struggle through the ditches.

If you are wandering through the briars and swamps, there is a better way of living! You need to find the road.

How do you find the road?

Stop and ask for directions! Better yet — look at a map or compass.

The Bible is our road map for life. You can stop at a church and ask for directions — and they’ll give you a road map!

It will show you how to get to where you’ve always wished you could be.

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