Small Mindedness // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Small mindedness is a serious affliction.
Often, those who have this terrible disease are completely unaware that it resides within them.
Ensnared by this crippling malady, we struggle through life with puny plans and elfin thoughts.
Inspiring ideas shrivel up and die when planted in the poisonous soil of small mindedness. When Hopeful possibilities spring up unexpectedly, they are quickly sprayed with a shot or two of “Negative Roundup”:
“We’ve never done it that way before.”
“I tried it once and it didn’t work.”
“Let’s be realistic.”
“I’m too tired to think about it.
” Pshhhhhht! One good dose, and the possibilities are squelched — they keel over and die on the spot.
Small mindedness is contagious. One small minded person, like a Typhoid Mary, can infect an entire community.
Ah — but deep in the recesses of the soul — in the wee hours, when we are quiet enough to honestly hear our hearts, we wonder if we were created for more splendid things.
We are hardwired for faith — regardless of what others may say, or even what we may tell ourselves.
Through the foggy mists of negativity, cynicism, and tongue cluckings — hope springs eternal! Resurrection!
We cannot stifle hope and faith as they rise up within us. All the “Roundup” in the world will not world will not work against it. We discover that “Negative Roundup” is only temporary.
Faith stands up and shouts “Yes!!” to the inspiring possibilities!
Yes! There will be a better tomorrow.
Yes! We will rise above the circumstance!
Yes! Faith conquers doubt and unbelief.
Yes! Yes! Yes!

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