Take the Opportunity // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Life is packed full of opportunities! They’re everywhere!

Unfortunately, we don’t often take advantage of them.

“While opportunity is knocking on the front door,” said John Maxwell, “we are on our hands and knees in the back yard, looking for four leaf clovers!”

Yes, opportunities abound for all of us — but we must SEE them, and SEIZE them — if we are to EXPERIENCE them.

Let’s look at three special kinds of opportunities.

1. The Golden Opportunity.

This is capturing the moment, and making a memory.

Too often, we zoom through life in “busy, busy” mode — and we fail to stop and cherish the special moments.

Ben Franklin said, “If you love life, do not squander your time, for that’s the stuff life is made of!”

If you’re too busy to enjoy your family, then you’re squandering your time — regardless of how important your job is!

2. The Platinum Opportunity

This is simply connecting with God through personal Bible reading, meditation, journaling and prayer.

Building a quiet time into your life will really help you with the noisy times!

3. The Silver Opportunity

This is based on the old phrase, “There’s a silver lining behind every cloud.”

Opportunities sometimes come in unexpected packages — difficult circumstances.

Regardless of how bad the situation might be — there is still a silver opportunity.

— An offensive, hurtful word is an opportunity to forgive.
— The loss of a job is an opportunity to try something new.
— The death of a loved one is an opportunity to experience comfort, love and strength from God and others — Disappointment is an opportunity to grow.
— Failure is an opportunity to grow.

Problems are really opportunities in disguise.

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