Tattle Tale // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Nobody wants to be one of those:
betrayer of trust
breaker of secrets
destroyer of friendship
The word brings to mind a wide mouthed, small minded, and puny hearted nuisance.
In school or at work, being labeled a “snitch” or “tattle-tale” is one of life’s most dreaded fates.
Thus, we march life’s path together — smiling and keeping each others’ secrets.
But sometimes holding the tongue is the wrong course of action.
Sometimes, it’s best to tell.
It may be difficult, inconvenient and even ugly — but there are definitely occasions when love must speak!
My brother-in-law, Gary, recently told me about a dreadful gang-fight in the Chicago area, which resulted in the death of a decent young man.
The sad part about this story is that dozens of people knew about the fight ahead of time — but nobody wanted to tell.
To “be a good friend” — they held their tongues — and their silence let their friend die. He would still be living today if just one person would have been brave enough to let the authorities know.
Sometimes, telling is the right thing to do — even at the risk of being a tattle-tale.

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