The Trash Digger // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Just before daybreak the other morning, I awoke to find Cathy, peeking out the bedroom window.

“Psst! Look! There’s a bear in our yard!” she whispered. “He’s after our trash again!”

I jumped up and took look at the “ursus americanus” myself. The bear had toppled a trash can to its side, and like a trained circus animal, was rolling it with his nose, across the lawn!

“Hey, you clown! Leave our trash alone!” I shouted.

I don’t think bears understand English — but he got the point.
Instantly, he dropped his trash recycling project, whirled around, and lumbered into the woods.

The lid stayed on, the trash stayed in the can, and I stayed in a good mood.

“Good save!” I said to Cathy, grinning.

Later that morning, while dragging our trash cans to temporary sanctuary inside the garage, I thought about that bear.

He came looking for garbage — and he found it!
The hummingbirds show up at our house too, but they’re not interested the trash. They’re looking for sweet nectar instead. Several times a day, they dart to our hummingbird feeder for a sugar water refill (I’ve read that hummingbirds eat every ten minutes — much like teenage boys.)

Some people are like the bear, looking for smelly garbage. They’ll keep scratching and poking around until they find it somewhere. When they do, they stick their nose into it, gleefully dig it out, and spread it everywhere, making an annoying mess.

Others, like the hummingbird, steer clear of the garbage. They spend their energy looking for sweetness — and find it.

“Seek and ye shall find!” the Bible says, and that is true for both garbage diggers and nectar sippers.

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