We Can Learn from Our Seniors // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A few days ago, I had the special privilege of speaking at the Hayward Community Senior Citizens’ Center. A large gathering of our community’s finest people attended the event.
My assigned topic was, “Sharing the Wisdom.”
I really felt funny about that — as every single person in the audience had more wisdom than me! Wisdom comes from experience.
During our discussion, I was deeply impressed with the depths of experience and understanding our senior citizens possess. I was enriched by their thoughtful comments and insights.
Somehow, mainstream America has developed “upside down” values. Now, upside-down is good for pineapple cake — but lousy when it comes to values.
Our society honors youthfulness to a fault — and undervalues the wealth of wisdom our senior citizens bring.
Sometimes, younger people look at older folks with an attitude of superiority, “What do you know, anyway?”
The answer? More than you realize!
The seniors may not have a handle on all of the latest electronic gadgets and gizmos — but they are light years ahead of the younger generations when it comes to common sense. “Horse-sense!” is what one of meeting’s attendees calls it.
What good does it do to know how to make a dvd player work — if you can’t make your marriage work?
What value is e-mail if you don’t know how to communicate?
Maybe in school there should be a course called, “honor your elders.” We can glean much from those who travel ahead of us.
My time with Hayward’s finest citizens — the senior citizens — was an absolute treasure.
I went to the Senior Center to speak — but I came away a better man, having been the learner.

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