Just Checking Up // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A young boy walked into a drug store and asked to use the phone. After he dialed the number, the druggist overheard this conversation.

“Hello? Dr. Brown? Do you want to hire a boy to cut the grass and run errands for you? Oh, you already have someone? Well, are you completely satisfied with him? O.K., then. Goodbye, Doctor.”

The druggist, impressed with this young man’s motivation, approached the boy. “Son,” he said, “If you’re looking for work, I could sure use a fellow like you.”

“No thank you,” the boy replied, “I already have a job.”

“But didn’t I hear you trying to get a job from Dr. Brown?” “No sir,” replied the lad, “I’m the boy who works for Dr. Brown. I was just checking up on myself.”

We could all learn a valuable lesson from this young, willing worker, and check up on ourselves.

So often, we get caught up with the demands of the moment, and forget to evaluate how we’re doing in the bigger scheme of things.

It’s easy to go through the routine of working and living without any thoughtful reflection whatsoever.

Working is work.
Thinking is work.
Thinking and working is double work.
Working without thinking, however, is triple work in the long haul.

Wouldn’t it be best to identify and strengthen your weaknesses before your boss gets around to it?

Wouldn’t it be best to evaluate and nurture your marriage before your wife packs her bags?

Wouldn’t it be best to consider the consequences before you take an unnecessary risk?

Self examination is uncomfortable. Admitting weakness requires courage.

An unexamined life, however, is hardly a life at all. .

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