Tame Your Temper // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

“Mommy,” little Junior asked, “why do all the idiots come out when Daddy drives?”

Temper is a monster which must be tamed — or else it will eat us alive!

You were not created to throw temper tantrums.

There are many excuses for having a bad temper:

1. “That’s just the way I am!”

It might be the way you are now — but don’t you want to change that? I’m sure your friends and family members would be happy for a change.

2. “It’s all their fault.”

We cannot help what others do — but we CAN choose our response. Nobody else can be blamed for volcano eruptions except the erupter!

3. “I can’t help it.”

Oh, yes you can! Suppose you are throwing a fit in your living room. The doorbell rings. It’s your saintly elderly neighbor. Would you not change your tune in a hurry?

It’s amazing how quickly we can stop spewing when we realize someone else may be watching.

4. “No big deal: It’s over before you know it.”

So is a shotgun blast — but it blows everything to bits.

5. “I’m just getting even.”

“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

6. “I just have a short fuse.”

You’d better get a longer fuse! Short fuses cause fireworks to explode in your face.

Yes, there are many excuses for a bad temper — but there are not legitimate reasons.

If you are plagued with frequent angry outbursts, that means something is broken within your soul — and it needs a good fixing.

Don’t rest until you take your first step towards the solution.

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