Vision Test // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Sometimes, we have poor vision and don’t even know it. One kid had some difficulty seeing clearly. His parents took him to the eye doctor who prescribed glasses. The next day at school, when he saw the marker board he said, “Oh! So THAT’S what those things are for!”

If we have vision problems, we need to see through a “correcting lens.”

Establishing an effective vision for your future (your life, business, community, church) also requires a “correcting lens” at times. The “correcting lens” may be a visit to an inspiring environment, reading a faith-stretching book, attending a growth-oriented conference, private seasons of prayer, or the conversation of encouraging friends.

You can also acquire a “corrective lens” through the difficult experiences of life: illness, criticism, disappointment to name a few.

Pollster, George Barna, has written much about the power of a compelling vision. The first four of the following five levels of vision are adapted from his insights. I have added on the last level myself.

Which of the following describes best the kind of vision you have?

Zero Vision: just existing, but without a sense of purpose. People with this kind of vision work, come home, watch TV. and sleep. Their greatest aspiration is to get through the day. Without any drive to achieve, they live their adventures artificially through the actors on the screen.

Micro-Vision: Obtaining a sense of personal purpose and direction. At this level, we realize that life does have a purpose. There is a deep longing in every human heart a deeper meaning. This is one reason why the Rick Warren’s recent book, The Purpose Driven Life, was such a blockbuster. Millions of people are searching for purpose. At the Micro-Vision level, we come to the profound conclusion that life really does matter. There is an important reason for my existence.

Mezzo-Vision: (Mezzo means “middle” or “medium”) Having a vision that makes a difference in your sphere of influence. You are doing something! At this level, we understand that we can have an influence on others. My life is not about “me” — but rather how I connect to God and people around me. I may not be able to do much — but if each of us does our little part, we can make a BIG difference.

Macro-Vision: This is capturing and sharing a vision that is far beyond a local situation or sphere of influence. It includes great dreams and goals. Living at this level means investing in something that will outlast you. It’s capturing the Big Picture!

Mega-Macro-Vision: This is a God sized, global vision – far beyond the scope of any human possibility! “But God” can make difference! Business author, Jim Collins speaks of BHAG’s (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals!) BHAG’s are the result of having mega-macro-vision! What are your BHAG’s? Have you taken the lid off your thinking lately and dreamed, “What if?”

A teacher with micro-vision teaches lessons. At the mezzo level, she teaches students — but at the mega-macro level, she is using her instructional powers to influence future generations of world changers! Now, that’s worth getting up in the morning!

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