Blaze a Trail // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

An old legend says that one day Christopher Columbus was challenged by a group of jealous courtiers.

The men had been giving Columbus a hassle about his explorations. “Anybody could have done what you did!”, one exclaimed. “I could have done it myself.”, chimed another. “A piece of cake!”

In response, Christopher Columbus issued a little challenge. He asked them to simply stand an egg on its end.

One by one, the gentlemen in the room attempted to balance the egg on its end — but it fell over every time.

“It’s impossible!”, the last man said, “Nobody can do that.”

Then, Columbus tapped the egg gently on the table, slightly crushing one end — and the egg stood straight like a soldier!

“Anything is easy”, said the explorer, “when somebody shows you how to do it.”

Solutions are easy after they’ve been found! Answers are obvious after they’ve been discovered. It’s a lot easier to criticize that it is to roll up your sleeves and attempt to solve life’s challenges.

I’ve discovered there are the people who dive in and get things done — and then there are the others who stand around and critique. Fault finders rarely achieve greatness. They’re too busy pointing out the flaws of others to anything worthwhile themselves.

Just recently, I was watching a team of sportscasters rip up an NFL quarterback. They criticized him up and down. According to them, he couldn’t do anything right! I smiled as I watched, because I thought, “The funny thing is, none of those guys could do any better. It’s a lot easier to criticize than to accomplish something.”

Every great achievement in life — every invention — every success — every work of progress came into being because somebody broke the mold. Somebody thought outside the box. Somebody tapped an egg on the table, and now it looks easy.

Most people follow the path of others, but there are a few who go where there is no path and blaze a trail!

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