Blessings in Disguise // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Distress and pain are friends to growth.” said Augustus Napier.

Have you discovered this important truth?

We do everything we can to ease the pain and eliminate the sufferings. It’s not pleasant.

We’d rather have the roses without the thorns.

Of course, it would pay us to remember the words of the old hymn writer: “Your roses may have thorns, but don’t forget — Your thorns may have some roses too!”

We grow with our struggles. Processed correctly, our pain becomes our gain.

Success is good. But failure is good too because it teaches us something.

John Maxwell said, “When you fail — fail forward!”

Recently, I was captivated by a beautiful picture of a mountain range. One thing I observed: There were no trees on top of the mountain. All of the trees were in the valley.

That’s where growth happens — In the valley!

You might enjoy the view from the mountain top, but the place you’re going to grow the most is in the valley!

So, we really mustn’t complain so much when trials come our way. They really are our friends, because they will help us develop into the people we’ve always wanted to be.

“What seems to us bitter trials,” observed Oscar Wilde, “are often blessings in disguise.”

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