Don’t Quit // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Everybody is tempted to quit sometimes — to throw in the towel.

It usually happens in the middle of the grind — when the initial enthusiasm is replaced by the drudgery of old fashioned hard work.

Sometimes, the results are less than anticipated — and we wonder whether it’s worth the effort. Then the nagging thought creeps into the mind: “Maybe I should just give up.”

If you step back from the situation for a moment, you’ll see that giving up is not the answer. Quitting is seldom the right choice.

I n fact, the word “Quit” isn’t good for much — except Scrabble, where it can net you 39 points. Otherwise, it would be best to omit it from your vocabulary.

If it’s worthwhile,
If it makes a difference,
If it is a help to others,
If you know it’s something that needs to be done,
Then you mustn’t quit!

As the Bible says, “Do not be weary in well doing. You will reap a harvest if you do not give up!”

On second thought, I suppose there are a few things you should quit:

Quit complaining,
Quit tattling,
Quit moaning and whining,
Quit looking for the negatives,
Quit making excuses,
Quit sinning,
Quit finding fault,
Quit bad habits!

But on the other hand,
If you are discouraged — don’t quit! Things are going to get better.
If you are weary — don’t quit! Take a rest and go at it again!
If you are under pressure — don’t quit! Pressure makes champions.
If you have been defeated — don’t quit! Pick yourself back up, learn from your experiences, and keep moving forward!

Quitters never win
And Winners never quit.

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