Jumpstart Your Creativity // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A psychologist conducted a study on student creativity and imagination. First, he went to a high school classroom and drew a curvy line on the chalkboard.

“What do you see?” he inquired.

The students stared blankly at him without a reply.

Finally one guy raised his hand and said the obvious, “It’s a line on a chalkboard.”

Next, the psychologist entered a kindergarten classroom and asked the same question. Immediately, the room came alive as the youngsters explored all the possibilities.

“It’s a rattlesnake!”

“No, It’s the tail of a kite!”

“I think it’s a jump rope!”

The children presented over a dozen different ideas.

As the researcher left the school, he could not help but wonder what made the kindergartners seem more creative than the high schoolers. What caused the “creative leak”?

Perhaps their imaginations were stifled by a desire to be cool in front of their friends. Maybe they were afraid to voice their creative thoughts and individual opinions. Too many hours in front of the TV.?

However it happens, a shriveling of the creative imagination is, indeed, tragic. Unfortunately, many sharp minds are stuck in average gear. Some folks have not had a creative thought in twenty years.

The streams of creativity which once gushed through their minds have dried up, resulting in barren desolation. No fresh, new ideas spring up from a shriveled mind.

If you have allowed your brain to coast in neutral lately, I encourage you to practice creative thinking again.

1) Reading great books may restart the creative process in your mind. (Of course, the Bible is greatest book of all.) Excellent literature opens the flow of creative juices.

2) Hang around with creative people. Their enthusiasm of life will rub off on you.

3) Keep a journal of your thoughts and ideas. This becomes the garden of wonderful ideas. Journaling has become one of the most rewarding practices I have developed over the years.

Release the creativity which lies within you. Look for the unusual in the familiar. Try to capture meaning from the events of everyday life. You can put your imagination to work for you!

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