Lessons from Loring Peterson // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A couple of weeks ago, my mentor, Loring Peterson, passed away. I will always appreciate the way he took me, a “rookie preacher” from California, under his wing and showed me the “ropes.” Whenever I was perplexed or troubled, I’d call up Loring, and after speaking with him for a while, I knew everything was going to be o.k.

Today, as a tribute to him, I’d like to share seven things I learned from Loring Peterson:

1. The Sky’s the Limit: Loring always stretched my vision. After I’d share a few plans with him, he would often respond, “You’ve gotta think bigger than that!” Think big! Plan big! Dream big, and you’ll reap big!

2. If You’re Set Back, Bounce Back: Loring was the “bounce back” king. He experienced many trials and difficulties along the way — but he always came back. Too many people allow the life’s troubles to get the best of them. As a result, they settle for less than they should. We must learn from our painful experiences, and then move forward.

3. When You See Trouble, Shoot it! Whenever trouble arose, Loring was on top of it right away. He didn’t tip toe around and pretend like a problem didn’t exist. He didn’t hunker down and hope it would go away. Instead, he tackled situations head on! Most people hate confrontation. I think Loring did too — but he was willing to pay a personal price for what he thought was right. The best way to solve a problem is to deal with it.

4. There is a Key to Every Human Heart. Although he was a great trouble shooter, he also had a beautiful understanding of how people tick. From him, I learned that you can’t deal with everybody exactly the same way. Working with people takes much understanding and discernment. If you discover the key, you will find many wonderful treasures!

5. Prayer Makes all the Difference. In a very personal and practical way, prayer really does help a situation. Sometimes, prayer changes things. Other times, the “things” stay the same, but God changes us!

6. Don’t Settle. Even in his 80’s, Loring was reading books that stretched him. He was determined to learn something new every day. Many people quit learning after they get out of school. What a shame! After school is where your best learning can begin! Don’t settle for mediocrity. Keep growing, Keep learning, Keep moving forward!

7. There’s Only One Place Better than Hayward. Loring used to say, “All roads lead to Hayward!” He often reminded me that there’s no place in the whole world better than the Hayward Lakes Community. Of course, there is one place — out of this world, that’s better than Hayward, and I’m certain Loring has been welcomed there with a grand reception, and these words of affirmation, “Welcome home, good and faithful servant.”

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