Let It Go // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Here are three words that will make you a healthier person: Let it Go!

Most of the emotional pain we experience in life is because we are unwilling to let go of negative garbage.

The path to wholeness is through release. You will discover great freedom when you let it go.

Has someone offended you with a thoughtless word or deed? Let it go. If you hang onto the wound, it will only fester with infection.

Were you overlooked for a promotion or a position you desired? Let it go. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence anyway. Don’t expect fairness, but make the most of what you have.

Are you plagued by guilt from your past mistakes? Let it go. Guilt is simply a “warning light” for us to face, confess, and forsake our wrongdoing. If you’ve dealt with it, you don’t need to keep rehashing it.

I like the biblical word, “justified”. The definition: “Just if I’d never done wrong in the first place.” There’s a refreshing freedom in receiving forgiveness. You really can let it go.

Has somebody been pushing your buttons? Frustrating and annoying you? Let it go. God has allowed those difficult people into your life to shave off your rough edges. You need them in order to become the person you were designed to be.

Have you been the subject of gossip, rumors, and unfair criticism? Let it go. Consider this when people say bad things about you: You’re in great company. Every person who dares to rise above the ordinary receives a good dose of badmouthing. It comes with the territory.

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