Love Conquers // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

The deepest desire of every human being is to be loved. We were created to be in loving relationships. Souls flourish with love, and they shrivel without it.

One little girl was afraid of the dark. At bedtime, her parents tried to comfort her. “God is right there with you.”, they said.

“I know”, the little girl replied, “But right now, I need someone with skin on!”

Yes, God loves you — but it sure is nice to know that someone else does too!

From my years of working with people, I am convinced that the key to lasting, emotional health is the ability to give and to receive love. When we cut off others, we cut ourselves off from the stream of joy and peace. When we punish others by withholding love and forgiveness from them, we only injure ourselves.

Psychologist, Karl Menninger, said the greatest issue he faced was, “How can we encourage love and diminish hate?”

To encourage love, I must understand that it is not mere sentiment — but commitment! It means voluntary self-dedication!

Beyond the feeling of the moment — love conquers all!

An anonymous poet said it this way:
Love is silence when words would hurt,
Is patience when your neighbor’s curt,
Is deafness when a scandal flows,
Is thoughtfulness for others’ woes,
Is promptness when stern duty calls,
Is courage when misfortune falls.

In other words, love must be tough! It calls us to a duty far greater than the feeling of the moment.

Love goes beyond the bumps! Sometimes, people love each other to a point — until there’s a “bump” in the relationship. Then, you really discover what that friendship was made of.

Some folks wander restlessly from relationship to relationship; job to job, church to church; community to community wondering why they can’t get along. The real reason is that they are unwilling to love through the bumps. They think everybody should love them — but they are unwilling to pay the price of giving sacrificial love to others. When the situation gets tough, they quit, rather than working things out.

Artificial love is a fragile thing that shatters when shaken. True love continues through the jarring potholes of life, coming out on the other side deeper, warmer, and more authentic.

Don’t love until you are disappointed — instead, love through the disappointment. Don’t love until you disagree — but rather, love through the disagreement.

Compassion erases the mistakes of life, just as the rubber end of a pencil removes the smudges on a paper. True love offers another chance.

Do not be too hasty in “drawing the line.” Small minds with small hearts draw small lines.

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