Miscommunication // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Once, a news editor received a report that a farmer had lost 2032 cows in a thunderstorm the week before. That didn’t seem quite right to him. How could a farmer lose so many cattle in one shot?

To clarify the situation, he called the farmer up on the phone.

“Is it true that you lost two thousand and thirty two cows last week in a thunderstorm?” He asked.

“Yeth”, the farmer replied.

“Thank you very much.” said the editor.

The next day, the headline read, “Farmer loses two sows and thirty two cows in thunderstorm!”

Sometimes we miscommunicate!

Communication is one of the biggest struggles for people. Why? Because you have to communicate through several layers.

1) What I meant to say.
2) What I thought I said.
3) What I really said.
4) What you wanted to hear.
5) What you really heard.
6) What you thought you heard.

Communication is more than dialogue. It’s more than just saying words.

True communication is shared meaning and shared understanding. Until this connection is made, communication isn’t happening — regardless of how many words are spoken.

This level of relating requires careful listening — seeking to understand rather than being understood.

Recently, an office supply catalogue featured a speaker phone. The advertisement read, “Now you can listen and talk at the same time!”
False Advertisement! If you’re talking, you’re not listening!

It would pay us all to heed the biblical Proverb: “Don’t talk too much, for it fosters sin. Be sensible and turn off the flow.” (Prov.10:19)

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