Personal Core Values // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

There’s been a lot of talk lately in the business community about “core values”.

Core values are the bedrock foundational principles, which guide organizations. They determine the choices we make.

Every organization has a set of core values. They may not be written down anywhere, but they exist, nevertheless.

Core values are determined by asking the following questions:

1) What truths do we hold dear?
2) What beliefs and behaviors do we affirm?
3) What would somebody have to know in order to understand us?
4) What is the bottom line compass, which guides our decision making?
5) What are our hopes? Our ideals?

Here’s an interesting thought – Why leave core values to the business community?

Why not identify and write down the core values for yourself? List the most important truths that guide your personal life. You may just discover something about yourself in the process.

Also, a set of written core values will keep you on course and help you make better life decisions in the future.

Just for example, here are my personal core values:

1. I will love and serve God wholeheartedly.
2. I will demonstrate to my family my deepest love and highest respect.
3. I will live according to my priorities. (investment of time =investment of life)
4. I will maintain a joyful, positive attitude in all situations.
5. I will be genuine and honest at all times with all people – including myself.
6. I will learn and grow every day. (a book a week)
7. I will not harbor any bitterness, unconfessed sin, or secret habit in my life.
8. I will live by the golden rule.
9. I will develop, to the best of my ability, my God-given potential.
10. I will surround myself with a winning team of leaders who share my values.
11. I will be a wise and faithful steward of all that God has entrusted to me.
12. I am willing to be held accountable in these areas.

These values help me in planning and living my life more fully.

Why not give it a try?

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