Rise Above It // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Some folks think that failure is the worst thing in the world. When faced with a wonderful opportunity, they tremble with fear and say, “I can’t do that. I might fail!”

So, instead of taking the risk, they settle for mediocrity — picking dirt with the chickens when they could be soaring with the eagles!

Napoleon Hill conducted a study of many successful business leaders. He found one trait which each of them had in common: persistence. These people had failed many times along their path to success, but they knew how to pick themselves up and “keep on going.”

A look at history reveals many successful people who overcame great failures.

George Washington lost more battles than he won during the Revolutionary War.

Thomas Edison’s teacher advised his parents to remove him from school. “The kid can’t learn!”

Cartoonist, Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts, submitted drawings for his high school yearbook which were rejected.

Napoleon Bonaparte graduated 42nd in a class of 43 at the Military Academy in Paris.

Babe Ruth struck out 1330 times — nearly twice his number of home runs.

So, what’s the point? Never give up! When hard times come, throw your shoulders back and keep moving ahead. Turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Two frogs fell into a can of cream, or so I’ve heard it told. The sides of the can were shiny and steep. The cream was deep and cold. “Oh, what’s the use?” said frog #1, “‘Tis fate. No help’s around. Goodbye, my friend. Goodbye, sad world.” And weeping still, he drowned. But frog number two, of sterner stuff dog paddled in surprise. The while he wiped his creamy face and dried his creamy eyes. “I’ll swim awhile at least,” he said, or so it has been said. “It would help the world a bit if one more frog was dead.” An hour or so he kicked and swam, not once he stopped to mutter. But he kicked and swam and swam and kicked and hopped out — via butter! (author unknown)

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