The Good Side of Tax Season // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Two things are certain, it has been said: Death and Taxes!

When you’re doing your taxes, it does seem like a “near death” experience. Tax time can be a killer!

I’m the tax preparer at our home — and when I’m sharpening my pencils, Cathy finds a good excuse to get out. Actually, I don’t blame her. Who wants to be around a grump wadding up papers and complaining about thieves and highway robbers?

Have you ever noticed The I.R.S. put together spells “THEIRS”? Come to think of it, they’ve got a pretty good thing going. Do you know of a more successful mail order business?

This week, as I was preparing my tax forms, a brand new thought struck me.

Tax season ought not to be so painful. I shouldn’t be such a Scrooge about it. What if we turned it into a time of thanksgiving and celebration. Now, before you check me into the loony bin, please hear me out:

1. I am thankful I can file a married joint return. Many friends have gone through the terrible pain of divorce. I have a beautiful wife who loves me and sticks with me, even when I try her patience.

2. I’m grateful for my five little tax deductions! Uncle Sam says they’re worth $3000 a piece — but I think they’re worth a lot more than that.

3. I’m glad I can check a box and contribute to a presidential election campaign. Many countries do not have elections. They are run by dictators. I’ll bet the tax forms in Iraq and North Korea don’t have a box like that.

4. I celebrate the fact that I am an American. I’m doing my small part to keep our country moving forward. On the few occasions when I have visited other lands, I couldn’t help but notice how fortunate we are. Many other countries don’t have good freeways, sidewalks, sewers, and clear communication networks. These things are worth paying for.

5. I’m glad that my charitable contributions are honored. America realizes the great value of the churches and other non-profit organizations across our land. The receipt from my church reminds me of how fortunate my family is to be a part of such a wonderful circle of friends and that we’re helping to make a difference in the world.

6. I’m happy to deduct the interest for my home. Thousands are homeless, but I’m not. I’m glad a bank trusted me enough to give me the loan.

7. I’m thankful that I can pay Social Security Tax. It may not be around when I retire — but it sure is a help to my eighty year old mother.

8. Paying taxes means I’ve made some money. I’m glad I had enough income to pay taxes! If there were no taxes to pay — that would mean no money came in. I think I’d rather have money and pay taxes!

9. I’m glad I can sign my name. I know how to read and write. I’m not in a coma or insane. At least, I have enough marbles to sign my name at the bottom of the page.

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” Luke 20:25

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