Think and Let Think // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

“Think and let think.” — John Wesley

What did John Wesley mean by this? Here’s my take on it:

1. Think!
Unfortunately, many people do not stop to think about life. They’re too busy caught up in the “doing.” They make decisions without going through the proper process. Folks tend to fall into one of two categories: the thinkers and the doers.

Too many thinkers don’t do anything, and too many doers don’t think!

The world needs men and women who are “thinking doers!” We desperately need leaders who have both a bias for action as well as brain power.

Are you putting that grey matter between your ears to work? Are you looking beyond the “what” to the “why” and “how”?

When people fail to think, they become blind followers or automatic reactors. The end result: mediocrity and crummy decisions.

Good decisions require good thinking. Good thinking requires discipline. You can’t do serious reflection on the fly. You must slow down to ponder.

2. Let Think!
If you start thinking through issues, the non-thinkers may not be willing to go along.

Every noble endeavor includes a batch of critics who don’t understand. We can’t expect everybody to agree with us, if they haven’t taken the same journey. There are several sides to just about every issue. Most people don’t look at all the angles — so you shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t comprehend yours.

The key here is not having agreement from everybody — but making sure you have really thought through everything. (Have you considered the objections? Is there an angle you’re missing? Are you seeing the big picture as well as the little pieces?)

Thinking critics are a good quality control mechanism. They force us to really dig deep and look at the issue from every perspective.

Non-thinking critics, on the other hand are the derailers of progress. They won’t be satisfied with anything you do. You won’t be able to appease them. Stopping to answer every negative jibe only rewards perpetual whining. You should consider the critics, but if they don’t have good reasons for their negativity, let them spout and keep moving forward! Whining is never the way to winning.

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