Today is a Gift // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift – that is why it is called the present. (Bishop Desmond Tutu)

The Past:

It’s not too healthy to live in yesterday – although a lot of people do just that. I know folks who spend days, months, and years looking through rear view mirrors. Memories somehow make things seem better than they really were

. My dad used to say that many folks are like an English lesson: they make the past perfect and the present tense!

It’s just fine to visit the past from time to time. In fact, we all need to go there occasionally. Looking at past events helps us to process what’s happening now.

Remembering the positive experiences brings satisfaction. That’s good. Remembering (and properly reflecting) on painful experiences brings wisdom. That’s good too!

Overall – the past is like the Tijuana – an interesting place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

The Future:

The worries and fears of tomorrow can rob us of today’s joy. Anxiety is like the treadmill in my basement. It can keep me busy for a long time – but I never get anywhere!

There’s nothing wrong with looking forward in anticipation. It’s just fine to make careful plans concerning your future steps.

However, nothing in life is worth putting you in a stew.

I’ve discovered that most of the things I worry about never happen anyway – so why fret it?


Today is the only day you have. What are you going to do with it?

I encourage you to pack it full! Pack it full of joy. Pack it full of love. Pack it full of wonderful experiences.

When it’s gone, you’ll never get it back – so lighten up, look up and make it count for something!

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