What is Love // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Love is a Key:
It unlocks the door of the inner heart. There is not motive in this world that can compare with love.
Hate is strong — but love is stronger.
Fear is great — but love prevails.
Using the key, we unclasp life’s deepest mysteries.

Love is a Hammer:
It is a verb and not a noun. Love feelings are wonderful, but genuine love goes far beyond the momentary feeling.
When a husband says, “I just don’t love her anymore” he misunderstands the true nature of this gift.
Love is hard work. It is a hammer — used to build. Sometimes you get sore muscles and blisters, but you keep hammering away.

Love is an Anchor:
It requires absolute commitment. People run away from love because they don’t want to be “tied down.” Yet, love, the anchor of the soul, holds us steady in the storms of life.
No matter how the winds blow, the anchor holds.
Love walks hand in hand together through the dark valleys as well as the mountain tops. When you love and are loved, you can face anything together.
As the poet, Whitman declared: “Fast achor’d eternal O Love! O woman I love!”

Love is a Mirror:
It helps us to see ourselves more clearly. You cannot be selfish and love fully at the same time. Love uproots the diseases of the self: self-centeredness, self-absorbtion, self-pity, self-promotion.
Love makes us see things more clearly. It leads us to deeper understanding.
Edith Wharton said, “There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” God is love. God is the candle. My job is to be the mirror and to reflect the light.

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