You Can Face Down Your Fears if You face Up to the Truth // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Fear paralyzes us and keeps us from our best. Like a virus, it cripples our hopes, shrivels our faith, and destroys our dreams.

Andrew Jackson said, “Never take counsel of your fears.” He’s right. Fear gives bad advice. Fright filled decisions are almost always less than the best.

“If a man harbors any sort of fear,” observed Lloyd Douglass, “it percolates through all of his thinking, damages his personality, and makes him a landlord to a ghost.”

Five important things to remember when fear is invading your territory:

1. Ignoring a big problem doesn’t make it better. You have to deal with it.

2. Fear is a magnifying glass that makes the situation seem worse than it really is.

3. Determine whether this is a “problem” or a “fact of life”. You can solve a problem. You have to accept the facts of life. Often, people spend too much time and energy stewing over things they cannot control.

4. A difficult time is a good teacher. It can grow and develop you if you are willing to learn from it.

5. Sometimes, our fears are the worst enemies. As Franklin D. Roosevelt reminded America, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The football great, Knute Rockne spoke of a time when Notre Dame was trounced by Southern California. “They dressed a hundred giants before the game began, but they did not lose to a hundred men. They were defeated by their own fears.”

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