You Grow What You Sow // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

It’s zucchini season!

About this time every year, Hayward gardeners harvest their bumper crops of zucchini and other exotic vegetables. In fact, as I write this column, I am staring at a gourd that looks sort of like a miniature version of a duck-billed platypus.

Armed with boxes of the mother lode, zucchini growers share their plunder with family, neighbors, and friends alike.

Community picnics and family gatherings are graced with a wide variety of zucchini and other squash concoctions: zucchini bread, squash cookies, zucchini salad, stuffed squash, pickled zucchini — and for dessert, a slice of squash pie, cleverly disguised as pumpkin.

Do you know why we have so much zucchini in these parts?

There is one simple answer, really. It’s because just before summer, people planted zucchini seeds!

I guess that just illustrates the biblical adage: “You reap what you sow.” (And in the case of zucchini, you really do a lot of reaping!)

This is also true with life in general. What you sow is what you grow!

Reflecting on sowing and reaping:
1) You reap what you sow. You can’t plant zucchini seeds and expect to get watermelon. You can’t sow bitterness and expect to reap joy. You can’t sow discord and expect to reap peace. You can’t sow negativity and expect to reap enthusiasm.
2) You reap after you sow. You have to do a lot of work before you see the fruit of your labor. Often, we are disappointed when we don’t see immediate results — but growing anything takes time. That’s just a law of nature.
3) You reap more than you sow. One small seed can produce thousands of other seeds at harvest time. For good or for bad, you reap more than you sow. One small act can bring a lifetime of regret. One little decision can change the course of a life.

Enough rambling about sowing and reaping. I have to figure out what to do with the “duck billed platypus squash” on my desk.

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