12 Rise Above the Ordinary Traits // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

In every walk of life — every occupation — every organization — there are certain people who tend to rise to the top. I have observed that there are some common characteristics that “top notch” people share.

Although there are many differences — the people who rise to the top in life share one major thing in common — they think the right thoughts!

The biggest difference between success and failure is attitude. The Scripture says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The way you think is the way you live. If you think successful, faith-inspiring, encouraging thoughts, you are much more likely to be a successful, faith inspiring and encouraging person. There is a direct connection.

Some folks become jealous and complain when others succeed. “That’s not fair!” they say. “I work just as hard as them! I ought to be successful too.”

You may work just as hard — but how are you thinking? What is your A.Q. — Your Attitude Quotient?

Here are 10 Traits I have observed in people who rise above the ordinary:
1. Hard Work: Going the extra mile and not content with merely “putting in time.” They tackle the hardest job first every day — and are determined not to quit until a task is completed. A “work is play” mindset.
2. Desire to Learn: The “learning switch” is always on — gleaning information in every situation. Education is not finished when schooling is over.
3. Initiative: Taking responsibility for life. They “make” things happen instead of waiting for things to happen.
4. Thinking Outside the Box: Looking beyond the “obvious.” There’s more than one way to handle a problem. Creativity!
5. Courage: Being willing to stand up for what is true and right — regardless of the personal cost.
6. Friendliness: Concerned about the needs of others. Always widening the circle of friends. They seem to think more about others than themselves.
7. Smiling: People who rise to the top smile all along the way. Smiles spread joy and hope to others.
8. Focus: Living “on purpose” — by the right priorities. Not allowing the “little annoyances of life” to get in the way. Keeping the main thing the main thing.
9. Excellence: On a journey of constant improvement. How can we do this better? What adjustments need to be made?
10. Enthusiasm: Boundless positive energy. A “Life is good” attitude. A commitment to Living – rather than merely existing.
11. Faith: Believing that God is in control. We don’t have to handle it all alone.
12. Encouragement: A servant’s heart. How can I be a blessing wherever I go?

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