From Excuses to Excellence // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A terrible disease is sweeping across our land! It attacks people of every race, creed and color. It exists among the rich and poor alike. Regardless of where it is found, the results of this plague are always the same — devastating!

The horrible disease of which I am speaking is called: excusitis.

Victims of this ailment are often heard blaming others for their own problems and setbacks. Instead of succeeding, the are too busy looking for reasons why they can’t do it. People who suffer from this disease fail to take their rightful responsibility.

I’ve seen far too many people make excuses for their failures without realizing that they, themselves, are the ones at fault. There’s no one else to blame! If you don’t want to improve, it’s easier to fix the blame than to fix the problem.

Henry blames his boss for not giving him a raise, forgetting about the fact that he barely puts in a minimum effort and comes to work late half the time. Excusitis!

Bill blames the police for throwing him into jail. The thought doesn’t cross his mind that he’s there because he broke the law. Excusitis!

Rita blames her parents for her alcohol problem. “If they hadn’t driven me crazy, I wouldn’t have been driven to the bottle!” She doesn’t remember that she is the one who bought the booze, opened the bottle, and chugged it down. Nobody else can take the blame for that. Excisitis!

Now is the time to quit making excuses and start making progress! Show me a person who always whines and blames, and I will show you a chronic loser. It is impossible to be a winner and a whiner at the same time. If you want to start winning, stop whining!

Let’s admit our mistakes and learn from them. When bad things happen, the right question is not, “Who can I blame?”, but rather, “What can I gain?” Every experience is an opportunity for personal growth!

Set big goals! Dream big dreams! Don’t bother yourself with excuses of why it can’t be done. The world already has too many “small thinkers.” Be the exception! Stand up from the crowd and take responsibility for your life. No blaming. No whining. No excuses.

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