Inside Job // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

The truth is like a beach ball. You can hold it under water for a while, but eventually, it pops up. You can’t keep it under the surface forever. Sometimes, people think they can “fool” the system. They believe they can get away with inappropriate/wrong behavior. “Nobody will ever know”.

William Bennett relates the story of a man who decided to steal some grain from his neighbor. He brought his little girl with him, and posted her as a guard at the edge of the field. “Let me know if anyone sees me”, he instructed her.

Just as he started pilfering, the little girl shouted, “Daddy! Daddy! Stop now! Someone is watching you!” Jumping up, her father responded, “Who? Where is he?” To this, the daughter replied, “God is watching you!”

She was absolutely right. Whatever you do, Someone is watching you! You can’t “fake it” with Him. Sooner or later, the truth will come to light. Whatever is done in secret will be shouted from the mountaintops.

If you think you’re getting away with it, think again. The mouse thinks he’s getting away with Swiss cheese – and then the trap goes, “Ker-Snap!”

You can’t hide reality. People recognize hypocrisy. You can fool some people some-times, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. If you are full of lies, someone will sniff you out.

Don’t try covering up major character flaws with a glaze of good deeds. That won’t do you any good. It’s like putting perfume on a dead skunk.

How do you get it right?

There’s a simple answer: If you mess up – ‘fess up! Don’t hide it – admit it. If you can’t do it alone, seek help. Being real is the first step to living right. If things are right on the inside, it won’t be so hard to live right on the outside.

Maintaining positive behavior when you have a rotten core requires more energy than you can possibly muster.

Righteousness, like happiness, is an inside job.

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