No Stewing Allowed // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Tomatoes get better with stewing. Potatoes taste better with stewing. Carrots are much better with stewing. Problems grow worse with stewing.

Worry has never solved a problem yet! When we stew over situations, we only complicate things. Stewing keeps us focused on the problem rather than the solution. I have never yet met someone who resolved a negative situation by staying on the problem side. We have to think about solutions rather than problems if we hope to fix anything.

Often, people complain about their negative circumstances. Grumbling about what’s wrong won’t change matters. It will just get worse as the days go by. You can’t complain your way out of a problem.

The only way to get through the difficulty is to focus positively on what can be done.
What are the options?
What can I do to change things?
How have I been contributing to the problem?
What are the next positive steps I need to take?

Instead of stewing, start planning! Start dreaming! Start thinking!

One great idea brings a tremendous energy boost. It counteracts about 50 negative thoughts. Stewing, on the other hand, can wipe out a ton of positive energy. As Madame Guyon said, “Problems, like babies, grow larger with nursing.”

Perhaps we should post a sign where we can see it every day: “No Stewing Allowed.” It would sure make us easier to live with!

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