The Amazing Power of Faith // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

There is an amazing power available for you! This power has helped millions of people
from all walks of life – and it can help you too! Now, I’m not trying to sell you
something. This is a free gift for anybody who is willing to take it and put it to work.

I’m speaking of faith! Believing that Someone bigger than us can help us face
impossible situations. Faith works! It really does! It gives strength to make it through
tough times. It provides wings for us to rise above our circumstances.

A person filled with faith can have a deep sense of inner peace regardless of what
happens. Even in great conflicts and troubles, the peace remains. Nothing can take it away.

A one- word definition for faith is “trust”. It means relying on strength beyond our own.

Face it. There are many uncontrollable situations in your life. You have absolutely no
power over them. What are you going to do?

Some people worry. They try to gain control, but find that it is an impossible job.
Desperately, they rush around trying to “make things right.” The end result – frustration,
anxiety and despair. Worry is like a rocking chair. It keeps you busy, but you never get

Other individuals handle their uncontrollable situations through escape. They turn to
alcohol and other drugs. This attempt to run away fails, however, for when the high is
over, the problems remain. In fact, they often grow larger when we avoid them.

I know some people who blame others for their uncontrollable circumstances. They look
around for feeble excuses and scapegoats. “If only” is their favorite phrase. Throwing
spears of blame at others, they alienate their friends and bite any hand reaching out to

A far better way to deal with life’s uncertainties is to face them with faith. Recognize
that you can do nothing to change your uncontrollable circumstances – but God can!

God specializes in the “impossible”! The Bible says that faith in God can remove mighty
mountains. Faith can meet life’s question marks with exclamation points!

With God, all things are possible.

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