Time to Grow Up // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Babies are really cute. Just a couple of weeks ago, I dedicated several precious little children at church. They were an absolute delight to everybody present. I think small children are the best members of our congregation — they have tremendous faith, wide-eyed wonder, and boundless enthusiasm. Everybody loves little kids.

The only happy ward in the hospital is the maternity ward (or, I suppose the dental ward — if they use laughing gas.)

Someone once asked the evangelist, D. L. Moody, how many converts he had at a meeting. Moody replied, “Two and a half.”

“You mean two adults and a child?”

“Of course not!”, the evangelist exclaimed, “I mean two children and an adult!”

Yes, babies are cute — but “big babies” aren’t so cute.

I don’t know if I even have to explain “big babies.” You know ’em when you see ’em.

Big babies are the grown ups who have grown past child-likeness (love, laughter, freedom, energy) but still are infected with child-ishness (self centeredness.)

A big baby is the person who screams at a clerk for accidentally overcharging. He’s the one who honks his horn impatiently, or sulks when he doesn’t get his own way. A big baby throws temper tantrums. She’s the one who insists that everything has to be her way or else!

Big babies are big in gossip, complaining, and negative thinking. They are small in graciousness, compassion and understanding.

Here are three common characteristics of newborn babies: Their lives are characterized by helplessness, sensitivity, and unfulfilled potential.

Helpless, they have to depend on others to take care of them. The only time they move forward is by another person’s energy. Big babies are helpless too. They sit around waiting for other people to meet their needs. Instead of being proactive, they sit around and wait for their ship to come in. The ship never arrives — and they whine because it doesn’t. Here’s my theory — if you aren’t paddling the canoe, you don’t have the right to complain about the direction it’s going.

Babies are sensitive to sounds, light — all kinds of things. The slightest noise can wake up a sleeping baby. Big babies are extra sensitive too — They over-react to every little bump in the road — All you have to do is look at them the wrong way — Watch out! Here comes the volcano! Thar she blows!! Little problems are major disasters when viewed through the lens of immaturity.

A baby is, by definition, a bundle of unfulfilled potential. When I have held my children in the first hours of their lives — my heart was flooded with all sorts of dreams and hopes for them. If a baby stays a baby for several years — something is terribly wrong. Big babies are stunted in their emotional and spiritual growth — instead of trying to become all they were created to be, they shrivel into the comfort zone and stay there.

It’s time to grow up! Let’s drop the emotional pacifier and pick up a hammer — to build tomorrow!

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