The First Snowfall // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

The other day, I awoke to the first real snow of the season.

“Arrgh!” I grumbled as I looked out the picture window, “four and a half inches of obligation!”

My kids looked out the same window.

“Yippee!!” they shouted, and rushed to put on their snow suits.

For them it was four and a half inches of opportunity!

Same snow — two different perspectives. I wish I could be more like my children.

I wish, my first response to winter would be snow angels rather than shovels.

When severe adulthood squeezes out childish play, the first snowfall becomes an unpleasant duty.

I’ve been trying to change the channel. Early this morning, before the sun rose, I peered out our window again, observing another new mantle of white — a heaven of diamonds — a winter wonderland.

I believe it was Bishop Tutu who observed that each day is a gift, and that is why it is called the present! Whatever the day brings is part of the gift.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it would do us well to remember this — to focus the opportunity, rather than the obligation.

Joy comes from gratitude — Misery is birthed in grumbling and complaint.

“In everything”, the Bible says, “give thanks.” That includes the falling snow!

Today, I’m going to surprise my kids and make a snow angel!

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