Removing Ice // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

The arctic night air left my windshield glazed over with thick ice. So, in the early morning, before the sun rose, I found myself trying to carve a hole.

Someone had borrowed my scraper, so I improvised by using a CD case, which hardly seemed sufficient.

I struggled hard against the elements. As soon as I would scrape the ice away, it would just frost over again.

After a half hour of scratching and scraping, I finally had a peep hole big enough to see while driving.

At lunchtime, the same day, I went to my car and was surprised to discover all of my windows were clear — not a patch of ice on them!

The sun had risen and melted it all away!

I thought, “There’s a lesson on how to deal with relationship problems. Love is like the sun. When it rises, its warming beams melt away all the resentments, bitterness, and misunderstanding”

Chiseling and hammering will result in only in futility and uninspired frustration.

Perhaps, if you are having relationship problems with someone, you should stop “working so hard” to fix them, and just let the sun come up.

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