Processing Conversations // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Have you noticed after a difficult conversation or interchange with somebody that we all tend to process it?

Sometimes we process it up. Sometimes we process it down.
Mostly, it’s down!

We walk away and then begin to stew:
“What did she MEAN by that?”
“I wonder what he was thinking!”
“Did you notice his body language?”
“It’s what she DIDN’T say that bothers me!”

Cooking conversations after the fact is like overcooking spaghetti — it ends up tangled, mushy, and messy with a stench.

Here’s the problem with processing conversations downhill — You usually end up with a false perspective. Everything is blown completely out of whack, and the truth is distorted like the reflections in a carnival funny mirror.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: Always assume the best.

Whenever you suspiciously impute motives onto people, you end up going down a dark trail of negativity which breeds mistrust. Most of the time, we assume things are worse than they really are. We’ll “fill in the blanks” with monsters of our own imagination.

If you’re going to read between the lines, how about doing this? Read the silent blessings! Assume the best! Process it up!

If they meant you well, they will be encouraged.
If they meant you harm, they will be astounded.

Either way, you both win!

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