Easter and the IRS // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

This week, in honor of Easter and the IRS, I am running an inspirational column, written by Hayward resident, Marti Wolowicz:

It’s tax time!  Time to think about the expenditures and deductions we had the past year, and to evaluate the investments we’ll endeavor to make this year.  It’s also an appropriate time to put some thought into the investment the Lord has in us.

As Christians, if we think of that investment in financial terms we can see that we are only common stock with minimal face value.  Yet the Lord Jesus invested His very life to purchase us out of sin by His death and victorious resurrection.  That was a sacrificial investment and one that did not come easily.

His very blood is invested in us.  But, as we think about our personal investment in faith, we may find our portfolio has very few assets.  And what about dividends?  Have we given the Lord any dividends on His investment in us, or have we defaulted?  Do we endeavor to live as He wants us to live or do we live to please ourselves?  Are we sharing the joyous message of His Salvation with the world or hiding our lights?

Comparing our investment history for the Lord to the fluctuation of the stock market, we probably see constant gains and losses.  Our balance sheets may contain abundant weaknesses, and our past performances may not have been good.  We are all liabilities because of sin, and Satan is constantly lurking in the background with the threat of a hostile takeover.

But the good news is we don’t have to give in to Satan.  The Lord has promised us that He will not let us be tempted more than we can handle, and His Word tells us that if we believe He will never leave us…never sell us off as bad investments.  He has covered all our weaknesses by the grace of His death and resurrection.  He has forgotten our past performances and will not remember them again.

The Lord is the master Investor, and when the time comes for Him to liquidate our stock, He will open the doors of Heaven for all who believe in His plan of salvation.  As believers, we have the privilege of inheriting the profits of His sacrificial investment.  We absorb all the gains.  And the greatest gain of all is the eternal home we will have in heaven.

Of all the investments, we are the Lord’s most precious – truly blue chip

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