Remembering Dale // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

I received the call just after dinner last Tuesday evening,

“Pastor, come quickly. Dale has been injured in a terrible accident on the farm. It doesn’t look good, and Joyce is going to need you.”

I rushed to Dale and Joyce’s house, to find a line of four police cars and an ambulance at their home. “How is he?” I asked. “He’s gone” came the sad reply.

Dale’s body was lying on the ground, covered with a blanket.

Dale, in his upper seventies, was trying to pull a stump with his truck, and somehow as he was working on the chain, the truck slipped into reverse, and crushed him against the shed.

I spent the next four and a half hours with Joyce, as Dale was taken away and friends streamed in.

Joyce is an amazing saint of God. She is so full of faith and love that it shines brightest in the darkness. I drove home praying, “Lord, help me to be more like Joyce.”

“That’s just the way Dale would have wanted to go,” she remarked, “doing what he loved.”

We’re sure going to miss Dale. He was the best “behind the scenes” worker in Hayward — always doing random acts of kindness. Every day, we would see him on some mission of mercy– chopping wood, helping someone move, building a deck, relocating an organ, putting in a wood stove, helping with the blood drive — you name it.

Dale was the mailman for many years. He knew the names (and histories) of almost everybody in town.

He was also a good “scout”, searching out those who needed an extra touch of encouragement and hope.

Joyce told me that Dale didn’t want a funeral. He’s not the kind of guy who would want a fuss made over him.

So — we held a Celebration of His Life, instead! (I know, that sounds like a funeral, cleverly disguised — but I’ll take the risk of the haunting.)

Cathy said I should challenge the men of our community to stand up and fill in the gap. He left some big shoes to fill! She figured it will take approximately 30 guys to accomplish what Dale did regularly. (Of course, the ladies can fill in the gap too — but I’ve noticed in community volunteer service, the women are already leading the charge. It’s the men who are lagging behind.)

So, gentlemen, it’s time to enlist! I challenge to you rise up and volunteer! In memory of Dale, make a difference in your community!

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