The Mosquito Battle // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

I sat in the woods one day, with pen in hand, and open journal, pondering deep spiritual matters, and hoping for a burst of inspiration.

Instead, I got a mosquito.

The pesky little critter buzzed in my ears and bit me!

Frustrated, I sputtered, swatted and swang, but the illusive insect must have taken flying lessons from the Red Baron. He dodged me every time.


My tranquility evaporated. How could I possibly contemplate life’s deepest meanings, when bombarded by such nuisance?

About seven bites later, I finally triumphed. The weary warrior paused for a moment to catch his breath and rest his wings. Giant fighting is hard work, you know.

The unfortunate bug came in for a landing right on my open journal.


I slammed the pages together — and the pesky mosquito was dispatched. I’m sure his relatives would be glad to know he didn’t suffer. The little fellow didn’t even know what hit him.

He started in my ears and ended in my journal!

Curious, I opened the notebook again, and found the bug squashed like a pancake and surrounded by a Type O positive red splotch.

I circled the carnage with my pen, and scrawled these words underneath:

“Contemplating in the forest is difficult when you’re battling mosquitoes.”

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