“What If” and “Yeah But” // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

There are two kinds of thinkers in this world: the “What If’s” and “Yeah, But’s”.

There’s a good reason why God allowed both types to exist. They need each other!

Nothing would ever be accomplished without the “What If” folks. Every great achievement started with somebody asking a simple question.

“What if. . .?” said Thomas Edison.
“What if. . .?” said Bill Gates.
“What if. . .?” said the Wright brothers.
“What if. . .?” said Rosa Parks.

“What If” creativity brings the vision for a better tomorrow, and the energy to accomplish it.

However, the world cannot run on “What If” energy alone.

Much like a battery that has both positive and negative poles, we need a little bit of “Yeah, But” mixed in.

Left to its own devices, “What If” will blissfully and enthusiastically drive right over the cliff!

Although “What If’ers” see the opportunities, they often fail to recognize the pitfalls. Great creativity is usually accompanied by a discernment deficiency.

That’s where the “Yeah, But’s” come in. They have the discernment! They’re the quality control department!

A good hearted “Yeah, But’er” is a tremendous gift to any planning process.

Of course, you can’t let “Yeah, But” run the whole show. If that happens, you won’t go anywhere.

“What If” is the ignition and the transmission.
“Yeah, But” is the steering wheel and brake.

“What If” gets the job started.
“Yeah, But” gets the job done right.

“What If” keeps us from stagnation.
“Yeah But” keeps us from stupidity.

Together, like peanut butter and jelly, they make a pretty good sandwich!

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