God is in the Recycling Business // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

God is in the recycling business!

One look at the smelly heap of garbage in our lives, and we’re certain that we’re headed straight to the dump.  We don’t deserve anything else.  After all, what could possibly be salvaged from a trashy past?

Fortunately for us, God recycles people!  He can rectify what we’ve wrecked!  He looks at us through “mercy eyes” and sees the possibilities rather than the junk.  He knows how to fix things!

God is in the business of taking a shattered, bruised and broken life, and turning it into something beautiful.

When we admit our brokenness and our need, surrendering our lives into God’s hands, he gently restores us.  He makes us new creatures — liberated!  He doesn’t keep a big list of all our past failures and mistakes.

One day, I was playing a furious game of “Madden 2004” with my son, Ryan.  We were in the second quarter, and he was clobbering me 77 -0.  How could I possibly redeem this dreadful situation?

With a gleam in my eye, I hit the reset button!  The score was back to 0-0!  It was as if he’d never scored against me at all!

When God forgives — He hits the reset button!  Zap!  Justified — “Just if I’d never messed up at all.”

Corrie Ten Boom said it this way, “He throws our sins into the vast sea of his forgetfulness — and then posts a hand painted sign:

‘No Fishing Allowed”!”

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