A Personal Note to Husbands // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A Personal Note to Husbands:

Are you cherishing your wife?

She needs your love, attention, and help.

Back when you made those matrimony vows, you promised you’d do it.  So, how’s it going in the cherishing department?

Does she feel deep love flowing from you?  Are you expressing it through your words, actions and attitudes?

Often, a husband will get caught up in the daily challenges of life, and forget to do the little things that bring romance and affection to a marriage.

Like a garden, a marriage needs much gentle tending.

Some guys don’t do anything around the house.  They just plop down in front of the tv, and expect the wife to do it all.

Listen fellows, she might put up with it — but if she has to carry the whole load at home, it will create distance and tension in your relationship.

“Too long a sacrifice,” said Yeats, “can make a stone of the heart.”

Do you want to improve your marriage?

Grab a dish towel!  Break out a vacuum cleaner!  Fold the laundry.  Ask her how she’s doing, and then really listen!

After she revives from the faint, she’ll give you a big kiss!

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