Good News for the Record // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Have you noticed that hardly anybody on television news tells us what’s right with the world?  The “news” isn’t really new, but just a re-hashing of the “olds.”

Same old situations.
Same old opinions..
Same old complaints.

Now, of course there are plenty of things to complain about.  Certainly, injustices should be addressed.  Sufferings should be alleviated.  Challenges should be met.  However, when I watch the news programs, I don’t hear much about solutions — only the problems.  It doesn’t take any brains to find fault.  Finding answers?  Now, that’s a different story.

Are the nightly rants the sum of what’s happening in American society?   I suppose the yellings boost the ratings, but don’t they shrivel the soul of our nation?  After watching two consecutive news shows where talking heads bellowed, disrespected and interrupted each other non-stop, I wrote this little poem:

Ragings of the nation
like churnings of the sea
cagings of creation
burnings on TV

thin cries for justice
shouted down
by anger, repossessed

brain congealing
four part yelling

leaves everyone depressed

I have an idea!  Let’s invite the directors of the major news networks to come to the northwoods and learn a lesson on reporting from the Sawyer County Record. Most of the articles in the Record are about good thing!  That’s because there’s more good than bad in our community (and in every other community, if they just had eyes to see.)

—  a park is developed
—  the Cane’s win a game  (and even if they lose, we say “we still love you guys!”)
—  we warmly welcome our visitors
—  the library ride was a great success
—  LCO college is launching new programs
—  these high school students made the honor roll
—  we celebrate new births, and remember our friends who’ve passed on.

Sure, there’s also the negative stuff to report — crimes, who’s been arrested, who’s delinquent on taxes, who’s protesting city hall, and the like.  However, the general feeling I have, by the time I finish reading our local paper is this:

“I’m sure glad I live in Hayward.”

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