Where Would They Be? // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

I’ve been thinking lately about the significance of the disregarded — the underappreciated ones who labor faithfully in the shadows.

The most valuable people in this land aren’t those who shine in the limelight of public attention. Rather, they are the disregarded majority serving without fanfare behind the scenes.

We might be impressed with a talented movie star — but where would she be without the guy who runs the camera? Where would the cameraman be without the factory workers who made the camera? What about the electrician who laid the lines?

We stand and cheer for our favorite quarterback — but where would he be without the “no-name linemen” standing in the gap? Where would he be if the football makers had not done their job? If the groundskeepers had not kept up the field?

We pay attention to the man who has achieved much in his business — but where would he be without the secretaries? Where would he be without the custodians and the other employees?

Where would Donald Trump be without the bank tellers?

We listen to speeches from the presidential candidates and applaud (or groan) — but where would these politicians be without the speech writers? Where would the speech writers be without editors? Where would the editors be without English teachers?

We watch a special on the Food Channel featuring American’s finest restaurants. Where would they be without the waitresses and hostesses? Where would they be without the cattle ranchers and the potato farmers? Where would they be without the dishwashers and the truck drivers who deliver supplies?

We read a best seller, and rave about the author. Where would she be without the book binders? Where would she be without literary agents, bookstore clerks, or Amazon packers?

Where would these folks be? Nowhere.

All success in life’s ventures requires team effort — of equally important and valuable people.

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