Pusher and Pullers // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

In any organizations, there are three groups of people — the pushers, the pullers, and folks in the middle.

Pushers are the ones who promote change and new ideas. They are the enthusiastic folks who “go for it” with vision and energy. They are the ones who vote “yes” in favor of change — and lead the way.

Pullers, on the other hand, are the reluctant ones who are not so excited about change. Their motto is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Or perhaps, “If it’s slightly broke, use duct tape, and keep ‘er going.”

In between the pushers and the pullers are the majority in the middle. They can go either way — depending on the credibility and influence of the folks on each end.

Pushers speak words of faith. God knows we all need more of that. Faith requires a measure of risk. Consider the law of the turtle: You won’t move forward unless you stick your neck out.

Pullers, on the other hand, speak words of wisdom. They realize that “faith leaping” might actually just be “cliff jumping”. Unbridled vision has led to many disastrous miscalculations. Pullers understand that we need to count the cost before we build the tower. Before jumping, it pays to inspect the safety nets.

So, which group is right? The pushers or the pullers?


Pullers need pushers to move forward and get somewhere.
Pushers need pullers for discernment and counting the cost.

When the pushers are in charge it’s. “Ready, Fire, Aim.”
When the pullers are in charge it’s. “Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim”
When the pushers and the pullers work together it’s “Ready, Aim, Fire!”

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