Count Your Blessings // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

Instead of recounting your woes. . .
count your blessings!

Rather than hashing your frustrations. . .
count your blessings!

Why fuss with your family, when you can. . .
count your blessings?!

Don’t fret about things you can’t fix . . .
count your blessings!

Quit grumbling about what you don’t have.  Focus on what you DO have and. . .
count your blessings!

Instead of stewing in your circumstances, take a chance and . . .
count your blessings!

Sure, there’s plenty wrong with this old world — but there’s plenty right too!  Just stop for a moment and . . .
Count your blessings!

Yesterday carries a load of baggage, but remember the glad days and . . .
count your blessings!

Tomorrow brings uncertainties, but nothing you and God can’t handle together.  Throw your shoulders back with faith and. . .
count your blessings!

Life on earth is much too short to spend in swamps of discouragement.   Look up!  Help is on the way!  You can smile and. . .
count your blessings!

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