A “Can Do” Attitude // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

A “Can Do” attitude can do just about anything.

When faced with a major obstacle, most people cave in to discouragement.

The litany of lame blame and self-defeating excuses begins:
“If the situation wasn’t so hard. . .” “If people were more understanding. . .”
“If circumstances were more in my favor. . .”
“If I had more talent, experience or energy. . .”
“If I had a few more lucky breaks . . .” “If I had a few more bucks . . .”
“If the timing was better . . .”
“If I had more information. . .”
“If certain people weren’t against me. . .”
“If the task wasn’t so overwhelming. . .”

If only!
If only!
If only!

I remember what Frank Gifford said as he announced football one Monday night. “If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas!”

The fact is, “Ifs” and “Buts” won’t get you anywhere. As long as you’re making excuses, you won’t make much progress.

The “Can Do” attitude makes the difference!

My friend, Dannie Kirby, recently demonstrated the power of this type of positive “Can Do” thinking. He had a goal of bringing our old church bell out of storage and ringing it Sunday morning at our church’s 75th Anniversary celebration.

Dannie ran into all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, however. On Friday, it sure looked like an impossible task. People shook their heads, clucked their tongues, and told Dannie it couldn’t be done – there was too much work and too little time.

But what other people saw as a problem, Dannie viewed as a “must”. “There must be a way to do it!” he exclaimed. So he rolled up his sleeves and kept on going.

Needless to say, the bell rang on Sunday morning! Where there’s determination and a “Can Do” attitude, there’s always a way.

My friend, Randy Jenson, smiled when he heard the bell ring, and suggested that we call it “The Must Bell” – a reminder that if something needs to be done, we must figure out a way to do it.

No whining.
No complaining.
No “settling for less”.
No excuses!

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