A Thrilling Adventure // Positively Speaking // Mark Wilson

“Life is a thrilling adventure or it is nothing at all!” proclaimed Helen Keller. Despite being blind and hearing impaired, Helen Keller became one of the most well known figures of American history.

Helen could have chosen to be miserable. She could have allowed her unpleasant circumstances to get the best of her.

Helen Keller discovered, however, that she could rise above her physical limitations. With God, all things are possible! She found that happiness is a matter of the heart – not the situation.

“When she stepped across the threshold,” a friend remembered, “the house was flooded with sunshine.” Just think! A woman who had never seen the sun was spreading sunshine to others!

What do people say when you walk into a house? Do you fill it with sunshine or thunderstorms?

A while back I saw a package which said, “Warning: Contents may Explode under Stress.” Do you know any people who could wear this label? “Warning: This Person is Stressed Out and Ready to Explode!”

Why do we let the little irritations of life get the best of us? Where is the “thrilling adventure”?

Maybe we need to step back and remember what’s really important. The loud clangings of trivia often drown out the whispers of the important.

I agree with William James, who said, “The great use for life is to spend for something that will outlast it.”

We must work to fill each day with happiness. Dwight D. Eisenhower remarked, “Unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual as one in which he has had some fun, some joy, some real satisfaction, that day is a loss.”

Each day brings its own joy. Life is a “series of surprises”, as Emerson put it, packed full of special moments. You are loved.

So count your blessings instead of your problems. Look for the best in others instead of the worst. Start every day with a song and a prayer. Don’t let the sun go down without doing something worthwhile and rewarding.

Hour by hour, day by day, life is a thrilling adventure or it is nothing at all.

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